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Sunday, September 26, 2010

What it Means to be a Betta

Warrior fish? They look so cute, but -- they're vicious?

Bettas are very aggressive. They're so ferocious, the show "Animal Planet" had a program called "Top Ten Fiercest Fighters in the Animal Kingdom," and bettas were ranked second, even higher than the Tasmanian devils. Bettas have little teeth, and they're very fast. They chase and bite each other -- all you see is a flurry of flaring, thrashing and splashing. It is chaos in the water!

Do gamblers bet on betta fights, like they're pit bulls?

The "Animal Planet" program showed Thai men placing their bets on two bettas that were then put into a single tank. There was blood in the water instantly, and sometimes they fight until death, other times not, depending on the rules and the legality of the situation.

Bettas have to be isolated from each other, right? Because they'll fight if they're together?

All male bettas have to be separated due to their aggressiveness. Some females can be together -- if they are sisters, for example -- but some can't, and you never know.

Flaring? What does that mean?

Flaring means to spread your fins out, like a peacock. Males do it when they are angry or excited or want to impress someone. Flaring male bettas also open their gills up -- this makes their faces look big and fierce.

How Much do Betta Cost?

Prices vary immensely. Bettas cost almost nothing in a pet store, but if you want to buy an orange half-moon with a prize-winning pedigree, that can cost up to $100.

Betta prices also depend on their color. There's a wide variety: red, yellow, black, etc. Opaque white is very popular right now, and there's a breeder in Sacramento, Gilbert Limhenco, who solidified orange recently, so that color is now being bred like crazy. Personally, I'm interested in copper and black bettas.

What are Betta Shows Like?

Betta shows are like dog shows -- it's where breeders show off the fish that they have bred. The bettas are judged on color, shape and deportment. A betta with good deportment is one that acts active, flares a lot and carries himself with confidence

What are Your Betta Like?

I currently own a royal blue/white Crowntail male named Icy & a steel blue/pink Crowntail female named Shi, which I plan to spawn soon. All my Betta get the best treatment and are pampered how they deserve to be. Lots of room, blood worms on the menu everyday and plenty of attention :)


  1. I have a light blue and red double tail betta named Alpha

  2. I have 9 bettas each as beautiful as the next. Ranging from female veil tails and half moon dumbos to black orchid and dragon butterfly and pink and blue veil type. Their names are Diana Rocket Rosy Sakura Luna Ember Sakubo Tatsuya and Warlock.