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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thai Magic Verse

The following ancient Thai verse is a magic spell to use when you feed the fighter. The magic verse wills your Betta to become the winner. This verse is meant to tell the fighter keeper is looking after his fish well. When feeding his fighter the keeper will focus his eyes on his fish. The spell in the verse is to trick the keeper into concentrating on his fighter. Then the fish becomes the center of focus, not the owner. In that moment the owner may observe the readiness of his fighter.

"นะกัดตัง กะขะชนะ
ตัวข้ามีกำลังดังพระยา ปลาในมหาสมุทร
พุตากะเก เขี้ยวแก้วทั้ง 4 ดุจตรีเพชร
หนุมาน มะอะอุปลา ใดมารอนราน วินาศสันติ"

"Oom you are the real fighter, the Superior.
You are the Mighty Mega-power Worrier, the LORD of all fish in the Oceania.
Your dynamic crystal scale is as tough as armour diamond.
The four quartz teeth as sharp as Shiva's spear
Hanumana, Oh the great fish, no one can defeat you, the Destroyer."

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