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Friday, September 17, 2010

Betta Plakat - Underwater Warriors

The plakat is just the short finned version of the Betta Splendens. There are wild-type plakats (which look like the bettas caught in their natural habitats), Traditional Show plakats (symmetrical wild-type finnage with some enhancement), Modern Show plakats (multi-branching caudals, extended dorsals, longer anals/ventrals, cultivated colors) and Fighter plakats (bettas that have been selectively bred for fighting ability, such as aggression, sharper teeth, harder scales and longevity).

Plakats are generally more active than the long finned version, not being hampered down with excessive finnage. This, along with their resistance to disease, makes them a favorite among betta enthusiasts and collectors.

Plakat derives from the Thai word Plakad which means fighting fish and does not really restrict to one specific strain of betta. These Plakad can be wild caught or bred in captive.

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