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Monday, February 14, 2011

Lessons on Water - How to Restructure and Heal Our Water

I want to begin by thanking Dr. Gabriel Cousins for his wisdom, light, and generosity in writing Spiritual Nutrition. I share this information without permissions in good faith that it will be used only for collective good/healing and enlightenment. Please receive this information with gratitude and awareness of it as a sacred blessing. Consider that we are collectively awakening to the sacred knowing of that which we truly are and that is. Enjoy...

ATER is a sacred, liquid-crystal information carrying harmonization of molecules [light = information]. It is the essence of life-energy manifest into material form.

"The function of water is to bring active natural hydrogen into the cell, so the cell becomes hydrated and the DNA of the nucleus becomes hydrated. The meaning of hydration is hydrogen-donating electrons. This is the secret of water." (475) "One other function of water is its roles as the universal solvent to eliminate toxins out of the body and out of the cell. Water also acts as a harmonic communicator between each other and intracellularly, through patterned frequencies that the water is able to transmit." (475)"Nobel Prize laureate Szent-Gyorgyi said it very simply: 'All of life depends on a small trickle of electrons from the sun.' These electrons are stored in water, in live foods, and in the almost magical monatomic element called iridium." (475) "The secret to the chemistry of life is the flow of hydrogen-donating electrons and how it affects all intracellular processes. DNA needs the electron energy from the hydrated water to repair it. The flow of hydrogen into the cells from the natural water helps bring oxygen into the cell in the form of H20. The flow of hydrogen, which is electron-donating, activates the cytochrome oxidative system in the mitochondria of the cell to make ATP. ATP is the source of biological energy... Once we understand this basic principle it brings into the system subsequently releases electrons into the system for all energy systems to work, we are then ready to understand the principles of water. Water that is high in hydrogen, and therefore electrons, works as a powerful antioxidant. Water in this context is the universal antioxidant." (476)

"Natural water is a high-hydrogen-donating water, such as you see in pristine rainwater. When you distill water, you free up the natural hydrogen in the water, so you can hydrate the cells. Total dissolved solids (TDS) tells you the amount of minerals and other frequencies in the water - pesticides, herbicides, and so forth. Eliminating the discussion about the problems of contaminates in the water, and focusing on the minerals of the water, we can understand the research of Dr. Tru Ott, who the author acknowledges for the insights he so generously shared on water. Dr. Tru Ott's research seems to indicate that if the TDS is greater than 50ppm, those total dissolved solids interact and trap the electrons so they cannot be used to transfer to our cells." (476)

"'Mature' distilled water is optimal because it is the highest hydrogen-donating water. Mature water is distilled water that has been restructured in a highly energetic way. The water-maturing process is outlined later in this chapter. Distilled water that is not matured is aggressive water. It is the most powerful natural solvent on the planet. It will pull out toxins and heavy metals, but may also leach much-needed minerals from the body. It does not have the potency, life energy, or safety of mature water." (477)

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