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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Benefit of Apple snails

Besides the fact that they are really cool and amazing to observe in your tank, they also help boost the delicate aquatic food chain environment that many aquarists need to maintain. Breeders feed infusoria to their tiniest fish fry. Infusoria (a menage of one-celled or equally teeny multi-celled animals) get their name because they originate from vegetable infusions – pulverized vegetation in water. Don't forget spontaneous generation. Lots of tiny critters live in infusoria. Some of the better known ones are paramecia and rotifers. If you intend to rear the smaller egg layers (including bettas), you will need infusoria. Apple snails and Colombian ramshorn snails eat prodigious amounts of plants. Their partially digested waste products will also jump start and feed an infusoria culture.

Apple Snails LOVE algae and will clean your glass in the process. It's hitting a lot of birds with one stone. Did I mention, they are also very cool! :)

The Apple Snail has separated sexes (dioecious) and is NOT a hermaphroditic snail, which is very good! Very very good :)

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